August 2018.

To Percel Management:

I wanted to take a moment to provide some feedback on Paula, the property manager at TSCC 1502.

I have been an owner in the building for over 13 years and have experienced numerous property managers over the years. I would like to praise Paula for her dedication to our building.

As a resident, I am kept well informed of all projects going on and if there is a change to the schedule, it is communicated as quickly as possible. I feel that we, as residences, are never in the dark of work being done in the building.

When I originally purchased my unit, before Percel was the manager, I did not like that the property manager was being shared between 2 buildings. I continued to be unpleased with this decision for years as I felt that our building up keep was being impacted.

Paula, has proven to me that a well-qualified, organized and experienced property manager is able to do it and also ensure that the well-being of the building maintenance does not suffer.

Thank you

Patricia F.


August 2018

Hello Mr.Weinberg,

My name is Gina and I am the resident/owner at Skye Court, Newmarket.

I would just like to commend you and your team on the excellent service that was provided to me this morning when I had an issue with one of the windows in my home.  I called your office very early and was pleasantly greeted by a lovely lady who assured me that my property manager would be in contact with me very shortly.

Mr.Sanjay Sharma did call me within less than an hours time. After a brief discussion of the problem at hand he told me a window person would be out to fix the problem in a few days ,but in the meantime he was sending out a handyman to close the window for me. This was a huge relief for me. The handyman did arrive promptly and not only closed the window but also repaired it on the spot.

Mr.Sharma was a pleasure to deal with!

I really appreciated such great service and I just want to say, thank you so much!

Most sincerely, Gina T.



July 2013

Dear Sharron/Robert;

With your tremendous years of experience as Property Manager, we consider ourselves very fortunate and grateful to have you overseeing all the matters at 4230 Fieldgate Drive .    To communicate with a Property Manager who is knowledgeable, focused and aware of the issues that encompass rules and regulations of this townhouse complex is appreciated.   You present so professionally, yet attentively, to the homeowners here, something we have had in a very long time, that we wanted you to know how appreciative we are.

Thank you for continuing to address the many concerns of the unit owners at PCC 175 and maintaining calm in the face of some very difficult people and issues they present.

Mr/Mrs. C. Weis

Unit 12


Tuesday, June 11, 2013,


Dear Robert;

We expressed our kudos to Prakash yesterday but on behalf of the board I would like to express our thanks for all that has been accomplished at our condo during the first 50 days.  You might recall that when we signed the contract with Percel, we had a to do list of 10 items.  We are please to report that 99% of those items have either been completed or are in some phase of completion.  Many owners have approached us to express their thanks because they have seen the visible signs of change since Percel took over management of our building.  Without exception, every contract that has been signed has cost us less than in the past and has delivered greater value for money than those with previous suppliers.


Carmine C.
On behalf of the Board of Directors
YRSCC 1129

January 17, 2013
To Whom it May Concern;
Robert Weinberg and his group of dedicated professionals at Percel Inc. have done an outstanding job to ensure that the owners of TSCC 2107 have a home in which they can be very proud. 
Our 384 suite complex completed construction and took occupancy in September 2010.  
Our first year of operation, which had our CEF set at $0.39/sq.ft. resulted in a significant surplus due to Percel's realistic budget planning (actually created 4 years before registration).   Since occupancy, we’ve been able to run a surplus each year over the very realistic budgets created by his team, keeping our maintenance fee increases to 1% and 2% respectively, while expanding the level of service and care given to our residents. 
I highly recommend Percel Inc. as your managing partner.” 
Jason Lee, President
TSCC   2107


January 16, 2013

To Whom it May Concern;
Our building is a 35 year old structure (previously occupied by tenants). The building was converted seven years ago by the developer into a condominium and the units were sold. The developer renovated the interior of the units however the balance of the structure other than the common areas remained in its original condition.  We had inherited major structural damage that was not visible to the lay person.

When Percel Property Management came on board they quickly realized that we had an insufficient Reserve Fund and Operating Account, a huge list of arrears and repairs that we could no longer put off.

Four years later we now have a healthy Reserve Fund that provides for the major repairs, money in our Operating Account that covers our day to day expenses and investments in the bank. 

We now have a full time superintendent, full time cleaners, a full time office manager and a professional, competent building manager that visits weekly and is only a phone call away.

Our condominium is now one of the best managed buildings in Mississauga. Our property values have increased and our building is one that now makes us proud.

As mentioned, Percel Property Management came to us by accident but they turned out to be a blessing. We value and appreciate the relationship that they have built with us.

Percel deserves the respect and reputation that they have earned over the last 36 years in property management.  

J. Bullard, President
PSCC 779

May 23, 2012

Dear Robert;

TripAdvisor is proud to congratulate TOUCHSTONE ON LAKE MUSKOKA on earning the prestigeous 2012 CERTIFICATE OF EXELLENCE award.

Our travellors consistently commend your property with the highest praise, and we recognize your 4 rating as an exceptional achievement.

Only the very best in the business are awarded a Certificate of Excellence.

December 14, 2011


Dear Robert


As a Touchstone owner I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you took on our condo project. I believe you have likely saved our investment and contributed to us having years of enjoyment on the property.


You have done a terrific job of organizing the financial and physical plant aspects of the place. It was really good to see your detailed presentation last night. Very professional. Your patience with certain people is more than I would have had.


It was good to see the staff involved at the front.  You are to be commended. I imagine you have been giving an inordinate amount of time to our condo but given the situation it appears necessary.


Again, thank you for dragging us out of this mess.  (Maybe the Eurozone should hire you).


 Best regards,

 R. Smith  - Bracebridge


December 22, 2011


Dear  Jennifer,


I would like to thank you for all your support during last year. You were very prompt with your emails and followed up issues that came up with me during last year. I found you very reliable, professional and responsible.


So I hope you will stay with us at 225 Merton St. for a long time and I wish you and your family a joyful year.


Happy New Year.


P. Eftekhar - Toronto



April 18, 2012


Mr. Robert Weinberg, President

Percel Inc.


Dear Robert:


As a resident and former member of the Board of Directors, I would like to offer my feedback about your property manager, Antonella.


I believe she is doing a very good job.  She is a great communicator in both languages.  She is competent in dealing with condo situations and is a very kind person.


I thank you for sending her here.


M. Ardizzi

Concord, Ontario

April 20, 2012

Dear Robert,

I have been a resident and Board Member at Villa Giardino in Concord for the past 10 years.

I would like to express my gratitude for have Antonella on your team at Percel.  She was the best Assistant Property Manager and now the best Property Manager Villa Giardino has ever had in the past 10 years, both professionally and personally.

It is especially great is the knowledge she has of the Italian language to communicate with the residents.  She is always cordial and available to resolve any issues.  A pleasure to have here.

Thank you Robert and to Percel Inc.

R. Carlotti, Director.


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