Percel Inc. Corporate Overview

Percel Inc. was incorporated by it's President and Founder, the late Mr. Paul (Percy) Weinberg, (pictured inset upper right) in 1974 and became fully operational in the field of residential condominium management in January, 1976. 

Our first contract was with a 429-unit luxury high-rise condominium complex in Etobicoke. From that time we have been actively striving to provide the highest possible levels of professionalism and quality of service for all our clients, regardless of their size or their budgets.


Today, the affairs of Percel Inc. are administered by Robert Weinberg and his Vice-President, Andrew Nyman, from our head office in North York, Ontario. Our staff of senior (area) property managers, property managers, site administrators, account administrators and support personnel are always available to handle any inquiry. 

Our long-established network with many service industries have enabled us to gain substantial advantage over our competitors in terms of price, availability and quality of service. We want our clients to benefit from the professional relationships we have built-up over the years. 

Since condominium property management is our only business; we must constantly pursue the highest levels of performance in our daily duties. When our clients are satisfied we have succeeded. 

At Percel, we believe in being proactive ... not reactive.

We are a medium sized, "personal service" oriented condominium Management Company.  We maintain daily personal contact with our clients, contract suppliers and our staff. Our attention to detail, prior planning, scheduling and consistent follow-up enable us to keep a tight control on your budgetary expenditures. 

At Percel, we are very proud of the respect and reputation we have earned over the last 41 years. We will always work hard to keep earning our clients' trust. 

Why not put your trust in us; you will be glad you did. 

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